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Precautions in the application of Zhangqiu Hei

Zhangqiu black should not be unfamiliar to everyone. It is used in many places in our lives, and it is also a common black stone. However, Zhangqiu black stone will also have many problems in our use, especially in the In the first installation, let me explain to you some precautions for Zhangqiu Hei in the application:

1. We all know that no matter what is thermal expansion and contraction, Zhangqiu Black is no exception. This is when we use Zhangqiu Black stone, we must leave a little space for it, and the stone gap should be Control it well and stick it with glue.

2. When using it, you must pay attention to check whether the surface of the stone is cracked. If there are cracks, clean it up in time. Where is the origin of Zhangqiu black?

3. We must inspect the quality of its products before using it. At this time, it is also a test for stone manufacturers. It should be that stone manufacturers also need to strictly inspect the stone when shipping, as well as the size and size required by customers. Strict inspection is carried out to ensure that the product can be used in accordance with the design and to ensure the aesthetics of the laying.

4. Zhangqiu Hei should be regularly maintained after installation. Many times we do not pay attention to these places, resulting in stone wear and tear. Regular maintenance is also to ensure that the stone can be used for a long time.