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How to write a tombstone inscription

Most of the tombstones today are small tombstones. Because of the limited space, everyone is more cautious about the writing format of the tombstone text. The inscriptions on tombstones have a long history and profound cultural connotations. There is no need to worry about how to write the inscriptions. The inscriptions can be customized according to different styles. The tombstone is written according to the previous inscription format, and the font will be reduced, but it must also comply with the regulations.

Tombstone text format sample

The tombstone text format model essay usually consists of three parts: the header, the main body, and the inscription. The first is the header, which mainly writes the deceased's post, occupation, etc., and some can be omitted. Then there is the main body, the main body is mainly written. The title of the deceased and the name of the deceased. For example, "examine the tomb of Lord Chen Jun first". Then there is the inscription part, and the inscription indicates the identity and name of the person who erected the monument. The time of the monument can be written or not. It should be noted that The number of tombstone characters in the tombstone text format is certain. The total number of characters must conform to the five characters of "birth, old age, sickness, death, and suffering", with "birth" and "old age" as the rule. The dimensions of the tombstone must conform to D. Lanchi sets the limit of good and bad luck. One foot of Ding Lanchi is about 38.01 centimeters of a meter, and each foot is divided into 10 squares. Equal characters, "Cai", "Xing", "Official", "Prosperity", "Ding", "Yi" are good fortune. All the words on the tombstone must be arranged in the area that is in line with the Dinglan ruler and auspiciousness. The size is also quite particular, of course, it is better to meet the Jidu.

Tombstone Inscription Format

In general, the current tombstone covers a certain area, generally within one square meter, and the tombstone style design is based on people. Most of them are customized, mainly to create a set for the deceased that conforms to the death of the deceased. The tombstone of the person's temperament. We write the inscription according to the size of the tombstone and the actual situation. After all, the tombstone is used to confirm the identity of the deceased.

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