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Shanxi black tombstone price
Shanxi black tombstone price
Shanxi black tombstone price

Tombstones are socially needed supplies, just like housing. Although there are some associations leading the development of the entire industry, many manufacturers are still "going their own way". From the perspective of the domestic tombstone manufacturing industry, most manufacturers will still follow the The market rules self-adjust and improve, and make tombstone sets with suitable prices according to the needs of consumers, but there are also many businessmen who are opportunistic. It is more and more important to distinguish the pros and cons of a set of tombstones.

The stones used in modern tombstones can be described as diverse, and the colors of the stones are also colorful. Sesame black, Indian red, Shanxi black, sesame white, bluestone, white marble, and yellow rust stone have their own colors: black, white, red , blue, yellow, etc. These stones of different colors also form the colorful tombstone shapes in the modern market. Shanxi black tombstone is one of the very common tombstones, which is expensive and pure in color, and is widely favored by modern cemeteries. .But it is precisely because of the high price of black tombstones in Shanxi that many consumers can only stay away. Some unscrupulous manufacturers seem to have found business opportunities from them, and they use dyed plates to deceive consumers and sell them at a slightly lower price. This kind of The behavior not only disrupted the market, but also violated the rights and interests of consumers. Imagine spending a lot of money to purchase a set of exquisite tombstones, thinking that you can convey the memory of the deceased, but it didn't take long, it was pure The black tombstone has become like a piece of flower cloth, which is extremely distressing, so everyone who has tombstone consumption needs must know how to distinguish between genuine and fake Shanxi black tombstones and the pros and cons of Shanxi black tombstones.

Shanxi black is a natural granite stone. The polished Shanxi black tombstone is pure black with some gold dots on the surface. In the modern Shanxi black ore trading market, the less gold dots, the higher the price of Shanxi black. High, but the golden dots cannot completely disappear. It is these essential golden dots that become an important basis for identifying real and fake Shanxi black. If a set of tombstones are as pure black as late at night, and are called Shanxi black, This must not be Shanxiblack tombstone, This kind of manufacturer should also consider carefully, and never try to be cheap for a while, and regret it for a lifetime.

For some inferior Shanxi black tombstones, consumers should also have their own identification methods. Shanxi black is an extremely hard granite, which usually requires sharp and harder instruments to process, precise machinery and skilled workers. Each board on the produced tombstone is neat and crisp, and when many manufacturers process tombstones, because the machinery is not precise enough and the technology is relatively common, occasionally there will be cracked stones or the edges and corners are not clear and straight. The occurrence will directly lead to excessive gaps in the assembly of tombstones. Therefore, if you see a set of tombstones that can hardly be seen after assembly, the production level of such tombstones will not be too bad.

Shanxi black tombstones are now commonly used in cemetery cemeteries, and the materials used are relatively small. For those consumers who use Shanxi black to make rural tombstones or family tombstones, they can replace other stone materials in some places according to actual needs, and use relatively cheap stone to make tombstones other supporting products, such as guardrails, bases, etc. In short, do not use stained boards for cheap, and do not use stone that may be at risk of breakage.