Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory

Company Name: Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory
Contact: Mr. Wang
Tel: 13754914913

Company fixed line: 0352-8425006
Company fax: 0352-8425088
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Company address: Industrial Park, Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province

Shanxi Art Monument
Shanxi Art Monument
Shanxi Art Monument

With the development of society, the renewal of things is constantly innovating, and the tombstones are also constantly innovating on the basis of the original. Whether it is the material of the tombstone or the shape of the tombstone, the old-fashioned shapes in the past have become less and less in the market. The emergence of tombstones has made people's views on tombstones constantly changing, and there is resistance or even fear for the absence of tombstones.

ArttombstoneTo put it bluntly, it is to integrate into the needs of the times, to convey special thoughts and feelings through various ways of creation and to give people a visual and even spiritual impact. In fact, if it is divided according to the shape of tombstones, our country has long been There are tombstones with artistic shapes, but they are more expressed in architectural language rather than sculptural language. Therefore, the traditional artistic tombstones are mostly rigid and lack a touch of flexibility. Today's artistic tombstones are easier to integrate with the surrounding environment. , With a little cultural flavor, it can better convey people's understanding and perception of life.

Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in Hunyuan County Industrial Park, Shanxi Province. It has its own mines and processing plants in Shanxi Black. The employees have worked hard for many years, and now they have an experienced and skilled professional team of tombstone production

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