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art tombstone
art tombstone

Everyone will have a day when they leave this world. Celebrities are beautiful in their lifetime, and the cemetery behind them will inevitably become the focus. The cemetery of some male stars who died young has become a beautiful scenery line in the scenic spot. These cemeteries attract a large number of fans every year. When we come to pay homage, when we see the young, handsome, or calm smiling faces on the tombstone, we can't help but feel a sense of loss. What is the difference between the star's cemetery? Let's take a look.

1, Bruce Lee and Li Guohao artistic tombstone

The cemetery of kung fu star Bruce Lee is located in Seattle, USA. The tombstone is crimson red. This tombstone was custom-made by his wife from Italy. It is inlaid with his photo, English name Bruce Lee and Chinese original name Li Zhenfan. The tombstone also states that he is Jeet Kune The founder of Tao. Below Bruce Lee's tombstone is a black stone sculpture, shaped like an open book. The left page is engraved with a Taiji diagram, and the side of Figure 2 is engraved: "Take the impossible as the law, and the infinite as the limited." "The one next to him is Bruce Lee's son, Li Guohao. At 12:30 p.m. on April 1, 1993, he was filming a shootout scene in the movie Crow Dazhong. The prop gun unexpectedly shot a real bullet. Li Guohao was shot in the abdomen and bled to death. He is 28 years old all the year round. The tombs of the father and son are close to each other and close to the same point. Every year, a large number of martial arts enthusiasts come here for pilgrimage.

2, Wong Ka Kui Cemetery

Famous Hong Kong singer Wong Ka Kui, aged 31, is buried in the Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Hong Kong. It is said that the cemetery guardian painted the wall behind the tomb blue for the convenience of fans. There is a marble guitar sculpture on Wong Ka Kui's tombstone. In 2009, Huang Jiaju's cemetery was damaged, and his family has repaired it. The guitar tombstone has been repainted, and a color photo has been replaced on the tombstone. The fans have placed mini guitars, and there are flowers and letters brought by fans in front of the tomb. , chocolate and other items, there are also many boxes in the cemetery for fans to put incense candles and sacrifices.

3, Chen Baiqiang's tombstone

He is also a famous singer in Hong Kong. He is buried next to Huang Jiaju. Chen Baiqiang's tombstone is in the shape of a piano, which is very conspicuous. There is a book in front of the tombstone, which represents a song. Two super heavy figures in the Chinese music scene died when their careers were brilliant. , leaving people with infinite regrets.

4, Hou Yaowen Cemetery

Hou Yaowen is buried in Tianshou Cemetery, Changping District, Beijing. Hou Yaowen's cemetery is located in Tianshou Mountain. The whole cemetery is facing south, with the cemetery of Hou Baolin and his wife in the middle. There is a hidden underground palace, which is divided into a main hall and a branch hall. According to the staff of the cemetery, the cemetery is not sold to the outside world, and it is as high as 200,000 yuan per square meter. "This is only the money of the land, not including the sculptures." Hou Yaowen's cemetery cost a total of 108 Except for the 170,000 yuan donated by the apprentices, the rest were contributed by Hou Yaohua, who also reserved a cemetery for himself.

5. Michael Jackson Cemetery

Michael Jackson is buried in the "Forest Lawn" Cemetery in Los Angeles. This cemetery is surrounded by mountains, lush trees and a beautiful environment. Because this high-end cemetery is built on the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, it has also become the resting place of many Hollywood stars. It is said that there is a 13-storey secret room under Jackson's tomb, and the scene inside is comparable to the picture of Thriller Greater than Medium, full of magical colors. Jackson's mausoleum can only be entered by family members who have keys, and each floor contains secrets.

6, Zhang Yusheng's Yusheng Garden

Zhang Yusheng's tomb is located in the "Yusheng Garden" in Lishan, Dadushan Garden Cemetery, Taichung City, Taiwan. There are Zhang Yusheng's photos and guitars on the tombstone. The cemetery is also affectionately called Yusheng Garden. The garden is simple and beautiful, with a unique design. , very artistic. In the picture, Yusheng's guitar is painted on the wall. The text next to it is: On May 29, 1998, the Golden Melody Award was awarded. In the early morning of October 20, 1997, Zhang Yusheng was on his way back to Danshui. A car accident occurred; on November 12, Zhang Yusheng died at the age of 31.

7, Qiao Renliang's tombstone

Qiao Renliang's cemetery is located in Shanghai Yongfu Mausoleum. The cemetery has Yongxiang Garden, Yongjing Garden, Yongning Garden, Lotus District, Yongxiang Garden, Yongfu Garden, Yongzhen Garden, Xiaoyuan Garden, Xiaozun Garden, Jingguan Garden and Baicao Garden. Qiao Renliang, born in Shanghai on October 15, 1987, is a Chinese singer and actor. Graduated from Shanghai Institute of Electrical Engineering. my country's second-level athlete. On the evening of September 16, 2016, Qiao Renliang suffered from depression. Died at home in Shanghai at the age of 28

The above are the artistic tombstones of several international stars. Each tombstone is full of the love of many fans for their favorite stars. Faced with the natural law that no one can avoid it, it is inevitable to cherish the memory. And the entertainment industry brings us joy Those stars who died early make us miss and bitter. The early death of stars makes people sigh that life is impermanent, cherish the life now, and cherish the beauty of living in this world.