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black granite
black granite

In 1962, after South African Deep Black was first exported from South Africa to Italy, this black granite was called Nero Assoluto, which Italians translate as pure black. Alternative names are: South African Ebony, South African Black and Savannah. Many of the black granites produced in South Africa are rich in small mineral particles, so that they look very similar to the Cambrian black produced in Canada, and those natural stones that are not black have some mineral crystals, shining with a silvery white light like stars.

Black granite mined in the 1860s from Italy, Angola, China, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and a few other regions was generally called Nero Assoluto. So, unless there are particularly prominent features, a stone you see is likely from any region.

India began exporting high-end pureblack granite, By the late 1970s, in some monumental buildings, Indian pure black granite has been widely used, and the export of large slabs has also increased sharply. Good quality and reasonable price pure black granite is produced in southern India. However, these Some black granites are very delicate, such as Canman black, and careful precautions should be taken in some projects, even the kitchen countertops will be scratched or worn.

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