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What are the styles of black tombstones in Shanxi


Shanxi black is also called China black by others. Its characteristics are in line with its name. It has a solemn color like a king. , Bright and non-glossy surfaces will produce a significant black and white contrast. The application of processing skills to develop writing makes the overall shape design of the tombstone more organized. Shanxi black marble is used in various styles of tombstones. Traditional Shanxi There are too many black tombstones, and besides, they are plastic art tombstones.

Shanxi black is used more in traditional style tombstones. There are two key aspects. First of all, the total number of purchases of traditional style tombstones is relatively large. This is because Chinese style elements are becoming more and more fashionable nowadays, focusing on traditional Chinese culture, and traditional style tombstones give people A solemn and sacred feeling, matching the all-black Shanxi black means giving charcoal in the snow. The traditional style of Shanxi black tombstones generally incorporates elements such as plum, orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo, eaves, Chinese table columns, stone lions, pine cranes, guardrails and drum stones. The metaphor of auspicious and good luck, some more bold, and some indicate the true identity of the tomb owner, etc., are the reflection of traditional tomb culture and art, and also the confirmation of the 5,000-year history of China.

Shanxi black traditional tombstone style:

Shanxi black plastic art tombstones are the mainstream products in recent years, which is closely related to the funeral reform advocated by the state and the pursuit of humanity. There are various styles, all of which are customized according to the requirements of the deceased. It can be said to be the personal business card of the deceased, or it may mean. The plastic art tombstones are actually made of traditional styles, but the area and specifications are not Traditional tombstones are so relative that they will be integrated into the hobbies of the deceased or a personalized reflection. The marbles applied to plastic art tombstones are also colorful and varied, including Indian red, Luoyuan red, Yongding red, Chinese red, and dazzling red. Colorful red marble, solemn Shanxi black, sesame black, black Jinsha marble, also pure and simple pearl white, Quanzhou white, white hemp marble, white marble marble, and of course the colorful green of friendship, forest green marble, Among them, the style of Shanxi black plastic art tombstones will be more loved by Chinese people. After all, everyone maintains a mentality of attaching importance to the deceased.


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