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What will be damaged in Zhangqiu's black pavement and how to prevent it

some for floor coveringsZhangqiu HeiSesame black granite has many natural shortcomings, such as cracks, blisters, looseness, inclusions, etc. If these shortcomings are not corrected and compensated in advance, then once laid on the ground and exposed to moisture and some harmful pollution, there are shortcomings The parts of the granite will be diseased and damaged and will be extended. It will swell under the effect of water, and the parts with looser internal structure of sesame black granite will crack first, and are prone to stone pits. In a humid environment, it will Continue to deteriorate, making the surrounding stone abruptly loose.

Although some construction units have painted the sesame black stone with protective agent in advance, there are still problems when it is laid on the ground. On the one hand, because the cracks and loose parts of the granite have not been well repaired, the back of the granite has a large amount of moisture. On the other hand, although the front of the sesame black granite is also protected, the water on the ground will also enter the interior of the stone along the cracks and loose parts of the granite, increasing the humidity , thus forming a vicious circle.

Everyone knows that to solve the problem of water, the first thing to do is to apply a protective agent to the granite, but this method is not completely effective. The home stone has done a small experiment. The humidity of sesame black granite with problems on the ground is generally above 5%. Under such a humidity environment, even if the cracks and holes are repaired, new problems will appear in other parts after a period of time. In fact, many buildings will not have high humidity in the ground foundation after a period of time. , and there is no real water source, the reason why the granite maintains a high humidity for a long time is that the moisture in the stone formed a vicious circle as pointed out in the previous analysis of the reasons, that is, the moisture on the bottom of the granite at the beginning destroyed the granite structure, which When part of the water does not completely escape, the water on the surface runs into it along the cracks and loose parts of the granite, so the circulation makes the water act on the inside of the granite for a long time, and the improper ground maintenance method leads to the permeability of the granite. Lower. In fact, here we also found the key and ideas to solve the problem, remove the moisture on the stone and the back of the stone, and then repair and make up for the damage to the stone - stop the sesame black granite from being attacked by water again.