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Black granite is gradually becoming popular

black graniteFrom the beginning, people were not particularly accepting, and it was rarely used in home decoration and large hotel decoration. With the change of people's thinking, the acceptance of new things gradually broke this situation. Black stone is in our life. We can see a lot of black stone, in some large hotels, the overall decoration of the wall, black stone is not as pure black as we imagined, its type There are also many. We can choose the stone color of the wall or the ground according to the interior decoration effect. If you have any needs, you can come to our company Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory to visit and buy, I believe it will definitely reach you of satisfaction.

Basalt is one of the important rock types in black granite. The color is mostly black or gray-black, fine-grained and dense. Its compressive strength is about 3500-5000kg\/cm2, and it has strong acid resistance, abrasion resistance and compression resistance. , insulation performance. Basalt is widely distributed in my country, and it is produced in almost every geological age. There are more than 500 natural stone processing enterprises, with an annual mining capacity of nearly 100,000 m3. Orderly development and comprehensive utilization are the main factors for its sustainable development. Direction. Other natural stone varieties such as Mongolia black, etc. In addition, the basalt stone mining industry in Yunnan and Heilongjiang is also under development.