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What are the characteristics of black granite

Generally speaking, pure black granite from some areas has better color purity and hardness, looks gorgeous after polishing, and can be preserved for a long time. Other sources such as Dalmapuri and Mai in Tamil Nadu Pure black granite from Tur, Andhrapur, Dishbang, Kanman, Karnakpur near Bangalore is generally mid-range or mid-range.

Unlike basalt, many of these black granites contain rice grain-sized crystal structures that are visible to the naked eye. It is for this reason that their color does not appear to be as dark as black basalt. Some buyers prefer granites of this quality because It looks more natural than pure black basalt. Pure black basalt looks like a processed man-made material. But the choice of which stone is the buyer's right. For the past 30 years, these Indian-made Black granite is more widely used in some monumental buildings than black granite in other regions. Their own quality and durability is a good testament.

Some of the black granite stones produced in India are famous, such as black sand. The black sand is produced in the Angola region of India. Its background color is very high-purity black, evenly dotted with some bright crystals. The mineral reserves of black sand are not large. , so its output is far from meeting the demand. Those golden highlights of its own are due to its richness in ferrous compounds. Black sand is generally divided into 3 types according to the size of its golden dots: large flowers, medium flowers and fine flowers.