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A Brief Talk on the National Characteristics of Chinese Cemetery Tombstones

In ancient China, "the tomb does not have a grave", it was only buried in the ground, and there were no trees on the surface. Later, there were gradually tombs on the ground, and there were cemetery tombstones. A kind of commemorative carrier made by human beings for the burial of the deceased , generally made of stone materials, but also made of wood, metal materials and other materials.

Cemetery tombstones are generally cemetery tombstones standing in front of or behind the tomb. Cemetery tombstones are a general term for stone decoration items used in cemeteries. Cemetery tombstones are usually engraved with text about the deceased's name and life stories. Domestic use of natural stone The processing of various types of steles has a long history and has common national characteristics: from the tombs of various dynasties that have been excavated, the use of cemetery tombstones and tomb stone products is quite widespread, and a series of cemetery tombstones with the characteristics of Chinese tombstone civilization has been formed, and The different portals of the north and the south.

The cemetery tombstones produced in China can be divided into three categories: Japanese, Western and Chinese. Cemetery tombstones are usually processed with granite as the stone, but in some regions in Europe and America, there are also many cemetery tombstone products made of marble, mainly white marble. Mainly, granite is usually red, black and blue as the main cemetery tombstones. In the selection of cemetery tombstone materials: imported granite Indian red, red series of magic red, yellow, green, gray and blue series flowers All granite can be used as materials for Western-style cemetery tombstones. Some Western-style cemetery tombstones also use red and white marble. Cemetery tombstone processing is basically single-machine processing. According to the processing technology, it can be divided into block processing, block grinding and auxiliary Processing, etc. The required equipment mainly includes block cutting machines, drilling machines, mills, and other small auxiliary machines.