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What is the difference between engineering board and household board?

The engineering board is a concept of use, and the composite board is a concept of texture, just like the table lamp in the hotel and the table lamp at home, as long as you like it, you can consume it for yourself. Regarding the floor, it depends on your own room size. To consider, in the laying of the leftovers as a criterion. As long as you meet your own requirements, you can buy.

The composite floor includes engineering boards, which should be the difference between engineering boards and household boards. The first version of household boards generally refers to both environmental protection and wear resistance indexes. The 4000 rpm of the household level 2 is enough. The quality of the engineering board is not guaranteed at all, and the environmental protection and wear resistance cannot be qualified.

As the name suggests, engineering boards are floors used in large-scale projects. Compared with household wooden floors, engineering boards have lower density and the texture is not as clear as household wooden floors. However, engineering boards come in many colors. The decoration is very atmospheric and beautiful, and the quality is also very good. From the performance point of view, the engineering board is still very good. First of all, its specifications are relatively large, which saves money. Although the texture is not as clear as the home wood floor, the color There are many types, the decoration is also very beautiful, and the visual effect is still quite good.

Engineering bricks are generally low-priced and general-purpose floor tiles. Such bricks are generally used in public places, and public installations can be installed once a year. Home improvement floor tiles pursue quality, and home improvement may only be re-installed in the last ten years, so From a long-term point of view and a quality point of view, it will be better than tooled floor tiles.

Engineering bricks are both hollow bricks. Cement hollow bricks are the main wall materials commonly used in the construction industry in recent years. Due to the advantages of light weight and low consumption of raw materials, they have become the first recommended products by the construction department in my country.

Floor tile is a kind of floor decoration material, also called floor tile. It is made of clay. It has various specifications. It is strong in quality, pressure-resistant and wear-resistant, and can be moisture-proof. Some are glazed and have decoration effect. It is mostly used in public buildings. and the ground and floors of civil buildings.