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How to choose a good cemetery tombstone?

  Cemetery tombstoneThere are many kinds of raw materials, how to choose a good cemetery tombstone when choosing a tomb?

The tombstone stones that are now selected and purchased are mainly marble and granite, which are generally divided into two categories: artificial and natural. Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the crust through the action of high temperature and high pressure in the crust. Because Marble generally contains impurities, which are easy to be weathered and corroded, and the appearance quickly loses its luster. Therefore, a few, such as white marble, mugwort and other pure, stable and durable types with less impurities can be used outdoors, and other types are not suitable for outdoor use. , Generally only used for interior decorative surfaces, used for interior walls or finishes in public buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, etc.

Natural granite is igneous rock, also called acid crystalline plutonic rock. It is a widely distributed rock in igneous rock and belongs to hard stone. The quality of granite depends on the mineral composition and structure. The appearance color can last for more than a hundred years, so it is mostly used for wall foundations and exterior wall finishes. Because granite has high hardness and wear resistance, it is also often used in high-end building decoration projects.

Due to the comparison between granite and marble, the texture of stone tablets is harder and acid-resistant. For marble, due to its simple mineral composition, easy processing, mostly fine texture, better mirror effect, and bright appearance, white marble should be selected as much as possible. High-end natural stone that does not easily corrode is good.

Therefore, we generally believe that imported raw materials are better than domestic ones. Some consumers blindly think that the high price is a good stone when choosing stone, or that imported stone is better than domestic stone. It is indeed like Brazilian blue, Norwegian red, Indian red, Spanish red. Beige and other stone types have unique decorative properties. However, domestic stone types such as large flower green, Baoxing white, and Chinese black also have strong decorative properties, and even some types are better than imported stones.

At present, comparing the types and prices of domestic and foreign stone materials in the shopping mall, it can be seen that the types of imported stone materials are almost 3-5 times the price of domestic similar types. Therefore, we can completely choose domestic stone materials with good quality and low price. Maybe we can also According to the type of stone used, it is not necessarily the more expensive the better. For example, the decorative surface can be made of smooth and bright marble. The floor of the cemetery can be made of granite with good wear resistance and high strength.