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Why are cemetery tombstones so popular?

In today's increasingly developed world,black graniteCemetery tombstone, a stone item, has become popular, so why is the granite cemetery tombstone the first among many tombstone varieties, and why is it popular? What kind of unique charm does it have?

One, location. The luxury of the tombstone symbolizes the location in front of the deceased

2. History memory. The tombstone is equivalent to a small history book, which records your birthday, death, name, and descendants.

3, Feng Shui. The orientation and height of the tombstone should follow the principles of Feng Shui.

4. Reminiscence. Let future generations see the tombstone and see things and people.

5. Artistic. Tombstones are also a major feature of the Chinese nation and are considered a kind of cultural heritage. Ancient granite, white marble and other tombstones are now works of art, which can sell for a good price. And the words on the tombstone reflect our country's Calligraphy civilization and seal carving civilization.

Granite cemetery tombstones have a large sales market in my country, and the price of granite tombstones changes at any time according to various factors. Let's take a look at the factors that affect the price of granite tombstones:

Manufacturers, the quality and craftsmanship of each granite tombstone manufacturer are different, and the resulting quotation will naturally vary.

Product material: There are many varieties of granite, and each is different. The region in our country is mainly black, and of course, there are many kinds of prices.

Tombstone craftsmanship, tombstones pay attention to craftsmanship. The better the stone craftsmanship, the higher the cost and the higher the quality.

Due to regional factors, the origin of each granite product is different, and the price may not be fixed in different regions.

The development trend of granite tombstones is very good, the domestic demand is very large, and part of the export volume is also very considerable. Therefore, there are many varieties on the market now, so when we choose products, we need to base on the use and price. Depends. Please consult us for specific prices.