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Reasons that affect the polishing effect of black granite stone

Polished, as Shanxiblack graniteStone is a very important process in processing, which directly affects the application effect of stone to a certain extent. So how should we do the polishing and processing of stone? This requires us to understand in advance what factors determine the stone. Regarding the polishing effect, then Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory will discuss these aspects.

There are two main reasons that determine the polishing effect of Shanxi black granite stone. One is the internal factors of the stone itself, and the quality of the blocks mined from the mine.

One is the internal factors of Shanxi black granite stone itself, the quality of the blocks mined from the mine is good or bad, the good stone blocks are easy to process and easier to polish, and the stones that are not very good themselves are not easy to polish and process. The second is The acquired human factor, that is, how the polishing skills selected by the workers.

In the human factor polishing process, the factors that affect the stone polishing effect are as follows: the selection of polishing abrasives, the selection of polishing liquid, and the parameter design of polishing process.

The smooth stone panel with flat specifications is a way of expressing the processing of stone plane grinding. Most of them are hard disks made of metal materials as polishing disks. The polishing surface of the floppy disk is selected, and it is easy to form a concave surface when the stone is under pressure. , suitable for camber polishing. The medium hard disk has good wear resistance and adsorption, and has a certain elasticity, and the effect of flat stone polishing is also better.

The selection of polishing liquid, water is the polishing liquid commonly used in Shanxi black granite stone processing. It can not only play the effect of grinding and cooling, but also can be used as a medium for physical and chemical effects in the polishing process. The selection of polishing process parameters will also affect The quality of the finished stone product. Appropriately adding the pressure during polishing can increase the polishing speed, but if the pressure is too large, the grinding effect is strengthened, which is not conducive to the composition of the glossy surface. The polishing speed depends on the speed of the polishing disc (tool), but the linear speed is too high. If it is too large, the polish will be thrown out, causing waste.

The above are some important factors that affect the polishing of Shanxi black granite stone. Now most of the stone materials need to be used through this step, so it is still essential.