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What are the principles of maintaining black tombstones in China?

  Chinese black tombstoneWhat are the standards for maintenance? There are certain principles for the maintenance of stone materials, so this is a related matter that we need to understand. Usually, there are more and more applications of Chinese black in the market, and it is necessary to install Chinese black tombstones. Everyone Knowing that China's black tombstones will inevitably be contaminated in the process,

It is also suitable for some coarse-grained granite. The Chinese black material needs to be maintained in surface water or vinegar. After polishing the surface of the granite for 5 minutes, after drying some water stains or vinegar residue, the stone is not maintained. .Secondly, the 5 Chinese black maintenance should refer to the detailed situation.

In engineering theory, it is found that the maintenance agent does not work well for some Chinese black. Maybe it does not use the correct 5 Chinese black chemicals. Due to the mineral composition and chemical composition of the stone, the formulation of the maintenance agent is different. Even the same variety The 5 Chinese blacks, due to the difference in density and chemical composition, will also increase or decrease the concentration of silicone.

Therefore, in the maintenance and construction of China black, it is necessary to make the material suitable for the construction of the material. Different chemistries and construction techniques are used for different 5 Chinese blacks. This also clarifies the necessity of establishing a Chinese black maintenance database. Correct chemistry and construction methods should be used in construction, the effect is remarkable, and the annual consumption cost can be saved. Do not superstitiously import 5 Chinese black material maintenance products, and do not affect domestic maintenance products.

Several criteria for China's black maintenance are things that we need to do well. Only in this way can our Chinese black tombstones be used better. However, due to the high difficulty, the equipment used should not be careless. High-quality, The technology is advanced, reaching the international advanced level.