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How to design the size of the black tombstone?

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  black tombstoneThe size, limited by the traditional worship of Feng Shui, should be auspicious. It can be determined by "feng shui ruler". In the south, "Ding Lan ruler" is useful to determine good and bad luck. One foot of Ding Lan ruler is about 38 .1cm, divide one foot into ten squares, and note one character, namely wealth, loss, prosperity, death, official, righteousness, suffering, harm, and ten characters. Among them, wealth, prosperity, official, righteousness, prosperity, Ding belongs to Jilig, which can be selected according to the size. And other unlucky losses, death, suffering, and bad qualities should be avoided as much as possible. Nowadays, "Luban ruler" is widely used in civil engineering, especially when making ancient wood furniture. It is more followed by carpenters. The Luban ruler is divided into upper and lower grades. The upper part is used for the yang house and the lower part is used for the yin house. In each cm of the long tape measure, there are good and bad feng shui. In today's mausoleum In the planning and construction of the Luban ruler, all attention is paid to the auspicious numbers. For example, the size of the black tombstone, the general standing monument is 100cm high, 60cm wide, and 8cm thick; the lying monument is 55cm or 50cm high, 80cm wide, and 8cm thick. In Luban The ruler shows 100cm Fengcai, Shunke.60cm Jinbao, Fengcai.80cm Tiande.55cm Daji.50cm Jinbao, Nafu.80cm Caiwang, and brother.

Vertical black tombstones are generally in the form of an erected rectangle, the height is significantly greater than the width, and the size is fundamentally fixed. The so-called fundamental fixation must be "rebirth and old" (see below for details). The net size of the black tombstone does not include the top and left and right 2 For decoration such as the frame of the head, the height of small black tombstones is generally 2 feet 6 inches or 2 feet 7 inches (about 90cm), and the width is generally 1 foot 6 inches or 1 foot 7 inches (about 55cm); the height of medium-sized black tombstones is generally 3 Size 1 inch, 3 feet 2 inches (about 105cm), the width is generally 2 feet 1 inch, 2 feet 2 inches (about 70cm); the height of larger black tombstones is generally 3 feet 6 inches, 3 feet 7 inches (about 120cm) , The width is generally 2 feet 6 inches, 2 feet 7 inches (about 90cm). Any black tombstone with a height of more than 3 feet 7 inches and a width of more than 2 feet 7 inches is a large black tombstone, with a height of 4 feet 1 inch (140cm). ) and above, and the width is above 3 feet 1 inch (105cm).