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Why does the black tombstone stone in Shanxi suffer from frost damage?

In the cold winter, not only we are shivering in the cold wind, but it is also a very severe test for the stone, such as the Shanxi black tombstone stone, sometimes there will be frost damage, so do you know what is the reason? ?

In the case of stone freezing damage, freezing damage is one of the reasons for the formation of stone cracks, the displacement of the decoration board, and the decline of the decoration effect. Because of the original gaps and vacancies of the Shanxi black tombstone stone itself, it is necessary to use water to enter it in the cold season. Frozen, and a kind of damage to Chinese black stone.

The reasons for the water inflow of Shanxi black tombstone stone are rainwater, snow water, fog water, groundwater, artificial water, etc. These waters are artificially touched with the stone, and enter the interior of the stone through the stone micropores. As the weather changes, the stone micropores The water inside is repeatedly frozen - thawed - frozen, and the repeated expansion-shortening-re-expansion of the part of the stone constitutes the stone, and the repeated self-stress caused by this will eventually burst the stone.

Cracks appear inside a single piece of stone, holes are expanded, the board surface is rough, the decoration surface has fallen corners, edges, smashed, and the decoration board has displaced, especially the outdoor stone that is wet for a long time and has a large temperature difference between day and night is more likely to experience frost damage .

The degree of frost damage of Shanxi black tombstone stone depends on its micropores, cracks, density and processing marks such as grooves, grooves, eyes and other processing marks processed during decoration, as well as the location of its installation. For the microscopic process of stone frost damage, there are mainly 2 ideas:

There is a concept that the energy of ice crystals generated in the micropores of the stone is greater than that of the ice crystals generated in the coarse pores. When the ice crystals are formed in the coarse pores and fill the pores, at least one of two appearances may occur. One is that it will grow out and then enter the micropores next to it; 2 is that it will absorb the necessary water from the surrounding micropores and continue to grow until it fills all the coarse pores.

Another concept is that the water compression force inside the stone is the main damage factor. The above two concepts can find typical examples in practice. In addition, there is also a kind of stone edge in decoration, such as edges, corners, grooves , The frost damage of the groove, such as cracks, holes, etc. in these parts, the repetition of the freezing and melting of water, will eventually crack these parts of the stone, deform the decoration, and even cause frost damage.