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The development and origin of tombstones

A tombstone refers to a stele standing in front of or behind a tomb and engraved with the deceased's name, experience and other words. It is a commemorative carrier made by humans for the burial of the deceased. Made of wood, metal materials and other materials.

In ancient China, "tombs but not graves" were only buried in the open, and there were no trees on the surface. Later, there were gradually mounded tombs in the air and tombstones. Usually natural stone or artificial stone, with marble and granite as the material. In the selection of stone materials, marble white marble in the past could not withstand wind and rain and was easily weathered. Now it has been replaced by the granite series with exquisite materials, brightness and hardness. Among the granites with colorful colors and solid materials, India is more popular among customers. Red, pearl white, Shanxi black. Indian red means noble, gorgeous, fiery years, brilliant career; pearl white means innocence, elegance, gorgeous life, endless grief; Shanxi black means solemnity, Dignified, immortal body, deep thoughts.

Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory is located in Hunyuan County Industrial Park, Shanxi Province. It has its own mines and processing plants in Shanxi Black. The employees have worked hard for many years, and now they have an experienced and skilled tombstone production professional team! It mainly produces Shanxi black granite, which is widely used in cemetery tombstones, garden engineering, etc. Over the years, the factory has been adhering to the "customer-centric" , Taking the quality as the foundation, the market as the guide, and the humanities as the foundation", the business philosophy is sold all over the country and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and Russia, and is deeply trusted by domestic and foreign customers.