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What are the requirements for the tombstone format?

Today, I will introduce to you some elementary questions about tombstones. The format of tombstones usually consists of three parts: header, text, and inscription.

1. Head-up: The head-up mainly writes the deceased's position and occupation during his lifetime, and some can also be omitted.

2. Text: The text mainly states the title and name of the deceased by the person who erected the monument. For example, "First examine the tomb of Lord Wangjun".

3. Inscription: The inscription indicates the identity of the person who erected the monument and the relationship and name of the deceased. The time of the monument can be written or not.

Since ancient times, inscriptions have been an important part of funeral ceremonies, recording the life of the deceased. The tombstones and epitaphs of the ancients were customized. It is called "seal forehead". The epitaph is small, mostly square, with an inscribed stone cover and an epitaph written on it, called "book cover". There are "seal forehead" and "book cover" quot;, there is no need to engrave the title in front of the inscription and the chronicle.

The title of the inscription on the tombstone. If the inscriptions on the tombstone are called in parallel, they are the first order, the second inscription, and the inscription after the inscription; if the inscription on the tombstone is in the order of the order, the inscription, the second inscription, and the inscription after the inscription; Inscriptions; those called tomb inscriptions have inscriptions but no ambitions; there are also inscriptions or monuments, but they have everything. If you need information, you can contact us