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From what aspects can the quality of Zhangqiu black stone be seen

1. From the perspective of color identification: high-quality Zhangqiu black, bright color and high brightness. The penetration degree of dye can be seen at the fracture of the slate, and sometimes it needs to be observed by sharpening the edge. There is not much variegated color on the stone surface. , The color of the cloth is uniform, and there is no flickering.

2. From the appearance point of view: Zhangqiu stone with good quality has fine processing technology, uniform and delicate texture, no unevenness, and there will be many defects that cannot be covered after processing of inferior stone.

3. From the sound point of view: inferior stone usually chooses rust stone with poor stone quality, high porosity and high water absorption, which can be distinguished by tapping. High-quality stone is usually loud and clear.

4. From the point of view of recognition: the high-quality Zhangqiu black cutting edge is neat and without missing corners, and it is not rough when touched by hand.

5. Judging from the pattern identification: the color of the stone surface pattern is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the stone. If the processing technology and technology are unqualified, the finished product will appear warped, sunken, stained, stained, missing edges, missing corners, cracks, etc. Color lines, pits, etc. Such stones are definitely not good products.