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What is the difference between black granite and marble? Which is more expensive?

  black graniteWhat is the difference between marble and marble? Which is more expensive? Black granite and marble are different, and their color and processing will be different. Let's take a look!

1. Granite: Granite has no 5-color and 6-color stripes, most of which are only 5-color and 6-color mottled, and some are solid colors. The finer the mineral particles, the better, indicating that the structure is tight and robust.

2. Marble plate: The mineral composition of marble is simple, easy to process, most of them are fine in texture, and have a good mirror effect. The defect is that the texture is softer than granite, and it is easily damaged when hit by hard and heavy objects, and light-colored stone is easily polluted. The floor marble should be in a single color as much as possible, and the striped decorative cloth is better when choosing the countertop.

Marble and granite. Generally speaking, if there is a texture, it is called "marble"; mainly with spots, it is called "granite". This is in a broad sense. In a narrow sense, marble refers to It is the stone produced in Dali, Yunnan. In fact, there are not many stones from Dali all over the country now. Generally speaking, the price of marble is much higher than that of granite (also depends on the type and standard), but marble has poor acid resistance and is easy to use. Cracked and weathered, it is not suitable for exterior walls at all; on the contrary, granite has good weather resistance, is strong and not easy to weather, and is very suitable for outdoor use.

Are you buying marble or granite for the countertops of your cabinets? They are all very good materials. Marble: Metamorphic or accumulated carbonate rocks. Arranged finely, solidly, can be polished, with a wide variety of colors, It has beautiful natural colors. Because it is not resistant to weathering, it is rarely used outdoors. Its general durability is 150 years. Granite: It belongs to magmatic rock. Its main components are feldspar, quartz, mica, etc. , High hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance and corrosion resistance. The pattern is uniform grain pattern and luminous mica particles. Its general service life is 200 years. Overall, marble is more beautiful, while granite is more durable.