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What are the requirements for inscriptions on tombstones?

China is greatly influenced by traditional feudal culture, of which funeral culture is a very important part, which has very high requirements for the design and production of cemetery tombstones and has a very significant impact on people. introduce.

The size of the tombstone, limited by the traditional belief of Feng Shui, should be auspicious. It can be judged with the help of the "feng shui ruler". In the south, the "Ding Lan ruler" is used to determine the good and the bad. One foot of the Ding Lan ruler, about 38.1cm, will One foot is divided into ten squares, and one character is added, namely wealth, loss, prosperity, death, official, righteousness, suffering, harm, Ding and other ten characters. Among them, wealth, prosperity, official, righteousness, prosperity, and Ding are auspicious characters. , can be selected according to the scale. And other unlucky losses, death, suffering, and harm, should be avoided as much as possible.

Today, "Luban ruler" is widely used in civil engineering, especially when making ancient wood furniture, and it is more followed by carpenters. The Luban ruler is divided into upper and lower grades, the upper part is used for the yang house, and the lower part is used for the yin house. Each cm of the tape measure is marked with good and bad luck of feng shui. In today's cemetery, the Luban ruler is used for design and construction, and great attention is paid to the auspicious numbers in it. For example, the size of the tombstone is usually 100cm high and 60cm wide. 8cm thick; the lying monument is 55cm or 50cm high, 80cm wide, and 8cm thick. On the Luban ruler, it shows 100cm Fengcai, Shunke.60cm Jinbao, Fengcai.80cm Tiande. Wang, and brother.

The size of the inscriptions engraved on the tombstone should also conform to the auspicious numbers on the Luban ruler. Usually the large characters are 10cm or 10.5cm, and the small characters are between 3cm or 4cm. The size of the stele is in harmony with the proportion of the body of the stele, and it also means auspiciousness. The family of the tomb owner can get comfort from it psychologically.

In addition, when planning the stele, it is not only necessary to consider the above elements, but also the number of acupoints and the placement of the stele. If it is a clan burial stele, the composition of the clan members should also be considered, and the location of the acupoints should be planned according to the level of seniority. , The inscription is also very elegant. Therefore, the design and manufacture of the stone tablet requires many times the stone tablet manufacturer to be flexible in planning, and can meet the requirements of customers to a great extent.