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What are the main functions of tombstones?

Tombstones have existed since ancient times, and may not be a single function that we modern people simply know in terms of function, so what are the main functions? If we can further understand, maybe what everyone knows will be It is more and more clear. If you have a better understanding of the usefulness, maybe you will know more of its functions.

ancient role

The ancient tombstone stood in front of the palace. As the saying goes, there must be merit and sorrow. It is a kind of wooden cup. In the process of use, it is indeed very common in ancient times, and the uses are more diverse, and there will be more and more in the process of use, so everyone can see some of the detailed conditions.

for funeral

The stele erected by the ancestral temple is mainly used to pay homage. There are basically perforations on the stele, which are used to parasitize, and then tie up these animals. When it is used, it is mainly used by the ancestral temple. Corresponding functions, these can better meet some needs, so we can see that there are a lot of ancient applications in the process of application, so everyone can try to understand these situations.

Burial Utensils

Whether in ancient times or in modern times, tombstones are a tool that can be used for burial. They are mainly placed on them so that people can understand them better. In the process of application, we will also make them according to the detailed conditions of different people. Different choices are made. It usually records some information of the deceased person on it, and also allows more people to understand some of your experiences. The main function is to record and let people better understand this person.