Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory

Company Name: Hunyuan County Quanyou Stone Processing Factory
Contact: Mr. Wang
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Company address: Industrial Park, Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province


The production series of Chinese black tombstones

Chinese black tombstone glossy carved tombstone traditional lettering stone stele custom processing cemetery tombstone production of white marble ancient figure tea saint Lu Yu statue. Antique stone carving: antique stone carvings of various figures, animal stone carvings, religious stone carvings, campus sculptures, etc.

Stone carving animal series: stone lion, stone ox, elephant, stone horse, twelve zodiac stone carvings, stone carving unicorn, stone carving Pixiu, and other animal sculptures

Stone carving figures series: stone carvings of Confucius, Bethune and other celebrity statues, great figures, ancient figures, busts of celebrities.

Stone carving religious series: stone carving Guanyin, stone Bodhisattva, 18 Arhats, Sakyamuni, Maitreya Buddha, Guan Gong, and other Buddhist temple statues, Buddha statues, stone Buddha, various stone pagodas, temple stone pagodas, etc.

Stone relief series: 9 dragon wall, imperial road, figure relief, animal relief, mural, garden relief, screen, Arhat relief, relief cultural wall, relief landscape wall, relief welcome wall, etc.

Stone carving railings series: stone railings, stone guardrails, bridge railings, railings, railings, flag railings, bluestone, white marble bridges, garden landscape bridges, arch bridges, etc.

Stone carving column series: stone carving dragon column, coiled dragon column, cultural column, totem column, twelve zodiac columns, Roman column, square column, landscape column, stone carving Huabiao, etc.

Stone carving garden gardening: stone tables and chairs, stone stools, stone lamps, stone corridors, drum door pillows, stone fountains, vases, incense burners, stone cylinders, rockeries, stone tripods, etc.

Stone tombstone series: bluestone tombstones, inscriptions, carved monuments, monuments, stone tombstones, tomb groups, large family tombstones, cornerstones, temple tombstones, tombstones tombstones, stele buildings.

Stone plate series: bluestone plate, roadside stone, car blocking stone, paving stone, square stone, step stone, mushroom stone, antique stone, railing stone, engineering stone, special-shaped stone, etc.