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How should Zhangqiu Hei be cleaned correctly?

Zhangqiu black is very commonly used in our life, and it also occupies a relatively important position in the Zhangqiu black market. The following will introduce to you how to properly clean Zhangqiu black.

1. Granite and marble have different compositions and causes, and the choice of cleaning agent is different. The marble cleaning agent must be non-acidic, otherwise it will destroy the black and beautiful appearance and stone quality of Zhangqiu.

2. It is necessary to find out the reasons for the formation of stains, such as rust spots and macula, which may be formed by the internal iron components of Zhangqiu Black under the action of moisture, or may be external rust pollution and rust spots that appear at the beginning of some white marbles. Similar to some organic macula, if you simply use the same cleaning method, the cleaning effect will not be very good.

3. To find out the ingredients of the stains. Zhangqiu black cleaning basically adopts the method of chemical reaction to achieve the purpose and effect of cleaning. As long as the ingredients of the stains are clear, the corresponding cleaning methods and products such as ink and pigment pollution can be confirmed. The cleaning methods and products of metallic and non-metallic are different.

4. After the stains are produced and formed, they should be cleaned in time. Of course, the elements of the specimen and the original must be considered. The stains formed by the original group of Zhangqiu's black body may not be completely clear.

5. Zhangqiu Hei that has been cleaned with various cleaning agents must be rinsed with a lot of water. When you are not sure about choosing the correct cleaning product, you must try it out or make a sample in an inconspicuous place.