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How to carefully craft a meaningful traditional tombstone!

Tombstones have always been the resting place of the deceased, and using stele to commemorate the deceased relatives is also a way that people generally use today. Chinese traditional culture has long been unpopular. Let's appreciate a traditional art tombstone from which we can understand how the tombstone manufacturer carefully manufactures a traditional tombstone with special meaning!

The traditional tombstone is made of granite Shanxi black stone. The black stone material is widely used on tombstones, and it is also the color of the tombstone that the public likes. Although there are many kinds of black stone, it has high purity, high hardness and few impurities. Material. In traditional tombstones, black tombstones appear calm and noble, highlighting the elegant and common taste of the tomb owner.

A traditional tombstone consists of about a dozen parts, the main parts are the top of the tomb, the main tomb, the dragon and phoenix columns, guardrails, cover plates, pedals, etc.

The dragon and phoenix pillars standing under the top of the monument imply that the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious and ominous! The dragon and phoenix pillars are exquisitely carved and adopt the relief carving process.

The 2 side guardrails of the traditional tombstone are rounded and carved like an unexpected pair to support each other. Ruyi was an ominous decoration in ancient times, and it is also a traditional ominous thing of the Chinese nation. It means rights and status. . On the traditional tombstone shape, the Ruyi system is carved, which conveys wonderful wishes such as wealth and ominous, good fortune, continuous wealth, and continuous prosperity. There are carved flowers and plants on the inside and outside of the Ruyi base, which means luxury and completeness. ominous connotation.

In front of the tombstone, there is a pair of round carved stone elephants. The elephant is the meaning of intelligence, strength and unity. The elephant is homophonic "Xiang". In traditional customs, the elephant represents ominous, war, beauty and wishes. Carving ominous, ruyi characters and gilding, ominous ruyi is auspicious "xiang" ruyi! Placing a pair of stone elephants in front of the tombstone not only has the meaning of town house, but also the meaning of attracting wealth and wealth.

Tombstone manufacturers attach great importance to the content and details of every carving on the tombstone. On the one hand, the rich carving content can make the traditional tombstone look luxurious, magnificent, and express the identity and position of the tomb owner; on the other hand, the tombstone manufacturers pay attention to carving skills. , A luxurious traditional tombstone needs to have profound carving skills to set off the luxury of the tombstone, especially in the appearance of the traditional tombstone, the carving details are in place, in order to show the special significance of the traditional tombstone in essence!