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The format of the inscription on the tombstone is exquisite

In China, erecting a tombstone is a very important matter. After a person dies, the proof of existence is the tombstone, but do you know that what is more important than the tombstone is the format of the tombstone. The format of the writing on the tombstone determines the overall style of the tombstone. It expresses the life of the tomb owner. Many people don't pay much attention to these when erecting the tombstone. As everyone knows, the tombstone is only the carrier, and the format is the soul. Like a person without a soul, this is a very scary thing.

The format of the tombstone must have three parts, the text, the date of birth and death, and the time of the tombstone. There are also three optional parts, namely, the person who erected the tombstone, the hometown, and the epitaph. Let's talk about these places separately.

Text: The text part is an important part of the entire tombstone, and it is also the core element of the entire tombstone. This part must exist on 90,900 tombstones, and there are only a few personalized tombstones that use the words of the deceased during his lifetime. , Engraved in words, this kind of tombstone is very rare, and most of the tombstones are in a more traditional format.

In ancient times, there were strict requirements for tombstone inscriptions. We must use Kao and Concubine to honor the parents who died. This is a title for the parents after death. If we do not call them according to this title, there will be very serious consequences. Yes, in the eyes of the ancients, the deceased is dead, the living people do not want to live, they want to reunite with their parents underground, so they will continue to call their parents, so this is a way of shortening the life, many times you see a mother engraved on tombstones, When I was loving my father, I felt a chill come upon me when I saw it.

Tombstone wrong format

If you are erecting a tombstone for your grandparents, you should call it zukao (妣), not grandfather and grandmother. You must pay attention to this. In addition, the text format of the tombstone also pays attention to the issue of names and taboos. When erecting a monument, you must add a "taboo" character in the middle of the name of the senior. This taboo can be written in a slightly smaller size, or it can be written on the side of the text, or in the middle of the burial monument. If the senior is the junior Or you don’t need to do this when your peers erect monuments. The format of the text part should also pay attention to the practice of coexistence and old age, and the number of words should be kept at a regular number of words such as 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, 21, and 22, because 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 correspond to the bitterness of birth, old age, sickness and death, respectively. The number of 5 is a round. Birth and old age are good meanings, while sickness and death are not good. , House, former, official title, title, fame, etc., here must ensure that the number of words conforms to the rules of coexistence.

family tombstone writing format

The time of erecting the monument: The time of erecting the monument is very important, because future generations may forget when the monument was erected, and then the entire generation will be in chaos, but the time of erecting the monument is recorded, and whoever erected the monument can basically be determined, and for For many refurbished tombstones and relocated tombs, the time of erection is very important. Here you can use simple numbers to indicate the winter of 2019 or the winter of 2019, and you can express it, if you think it is not detailed enough, "2019 On August 19, 2008, it is also possible to write it like this.

The usage of taboo words in tombstone format

Monument erector: Monument erector is also a very common writing format on tombstones, but many places pay attention to tombstones without engraving the names of living people, so most of this tombstone is omitted.

Tombstone containing an epitaph

Hometown: Some people who have died in a foreign land will have such a tombstone format, which is generally placed on the top of the tombstone and inscribed on the left and right sides of the photo.

Common formats of previous tombstones

Epitaph: Few people can write epitaphs now. This requires a very solid foundation in ancient literature. It mainly introduces the life and contributions of the deceased.