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Writing Regulations on Traditional Tombstones


Writing Regulations on Traditional Tombstones

\u003Ci>1.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>1.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>龙边【墓碑的左手边】\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Longbian [left-hand side of the tombstone]\u003C\/b>

a. Indicate the degree of sitting or the basic orientation of the gold. For example, "Liguishan Dingxiang and Meridian 2 minutes use Bingzi to divide the gold." You can find the original feng shui direction according to the feng shui situation on the stele, and re-build the stele.

b. Years of birth and death and place of origin. Some even write biographies and main deeds on the back of the tombstone. The reason why the place of origin is clearly marked is also to make it easier for future generations and relatives and friends to confirm their identity when they sweep the sacrifice.

2. Zhongbang [Central position of the tombstone]

a. Name: the name of the owner of the tomb. If it is a joint tomb, it must be written in accordance with the requirements of male left and female right. The number of words is strictly in accordance with the 5-character cycle of "birth, old age, illness, death, and suffering", and the total number of words must be placed on life, On the old 2 words. If it is the 3 words of illness and death, it must be adjusted by adding and subtracting words.

b. Specific use of words. Therefore: indicates the deceased. Xian: communicates with "first", which also expresses respect; Kaoru is the honorific title for the deceased parents, and can only become Kaoru after death. Therefore, many modern tombstones directly write the word "parents", strict Saying it is wrong.

3. Tiger edge [the right side of the tombstone]

a. The person who erected the monument: including children, relatives, friends, and groups, should be written on the tiger side of the monument, that is, on the right side. Follow the principle of orderly elders and youngest, and list them from left to right. Stand up, worship and stand up.

b. The time of building or rebuilding the tomb. Modern tombstones can directly write the year of the AD. If you are more careful, you can write it according to the lunar calendar or the year of the stem and branch.