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What are the precautions for decorating sesame black granite?

The sesame black granite manufacturer will analyze for you how to deal with the color difference in the process of using the stone, and what are the precautions for decorating the sesame black granite? In order to prevent the large color difference of the sesame black granite from affecting the building The facade of the object is beautiful, we have taken the following measures: First, make preparations before feeding.

First, find someone to go to the factory to check the condition of the large blank slabs, request the factory to prepare the quantity of large blank slabs required for the building as much as possible at one time, and conduct strict acceptance after the materials enter the site. , free up tens of square meters of open space, and ask the construction personnel to lay out a considerable area of ​​plates in the open space to adjust the color selection. After each laying is completed, use the large part, and leave a small amount of square meters for the next laying reference. After choosing, install the boards with similar colors on the same side to avoid blooming on a large surface. Before the formal paving, use white grout and some glue on the back of the sesame black granite stone and scrape it twice and dry it. Pave and stick to avoid the color difference caused by the different water seepage conditions of the stone due to the base layer and the grouting humidity.

As people's lives become richer and richer, people's aesthetic concepts are also getting higher and higher. Nowadays, more and more decoration stones are used. To talk about the use of stone, everyone's general use is sesame black granite. These materials are natural stone materials, which are greatly affected by the place of origin and mineral point. The quality, color, texture and price of the stone are very suitable for the masses. If such a perfect stone is improperly installed during the decoration process, its effect will be greatly reduced. For example, after a large area is laid, the color difference of the board is obvious, which affects the overall appearance; in order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to strengthen the construction monitoring in the early stage, and take effective measures to eliminate the occurrence of color difference.

The sesame black granite manufacturer analyzed the reasons for the color difference and the matters needing attention. The natural sesame black granite has characteristics that other stones do not have, and has good acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, weathering resistance, etc. Wait, but no matter how good things are, if they are not properly maintained, their service life will be shortened.