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Talking about the production and processing technology of Shanxi black tombstone

Setting up a tombstone for the deceased and their relatives is a continuation of our traditional civilization and a continuum of filial piety. The craftsmanship is also varied. On a high-end luxury tombstone, Shanxi black tombstone is a relatively common tombstone material. Today, we will discuss the production and processing technology and craftsmanship of Shanxi black tombstone:

Every luxury art tombstone is made from natural stone through multiple production and processing. Don't underestimate the simple-looking parts of these tombstones are a piece of stone, and the production, processing and craftsmanship behind them cannot be ignored. In particular, the carvings and stone carvings on Shanxi black tombstones have very high requirements on the craftsmanship of the carver, and the technology must be hard enough to complete the production of a high-end Shanxi black tombstone.

Generally, the stone materials pulled back from the mine are processed, and the equipment required mainly includes block cutting machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, and other small auxiliary machines. Let’s learn about the processing process of a Shanxi black tombstone by our company:

1. Mining of black stone in Shanxi

Most of the raw materials for a formed Shanxi black tombstone are from Shanxi black stone. These Shanxi black stones need to be excavated in mines, and professional technicians are required to excavate these stones. In addition to Shanxi black stone, other granite stones mainly include: Shanxi black, white marble, sesame black, sesame white, Luoyuan red, as well as imported Indian red, British brown, etc. The domestic granite stones are high-end Shanxi black, and generally a luxury high-end tombstone will use Shanxi black stone.

2. Processing of Shanxi black stone

1. To transport the excavated stone from the black mining area of ​​Shanxi to the factory for processing, it needs to go through a diamond disc bulk cutting machine, and then according to the size of the tombstone's drawings, cut the stone of the basic large parts required by the tombstone.

2. Use a small cutting machine to cut the required small parts of the tombstone according to the detailed dimensions of the drawings required by the tombstone. In this way, the generally required stone materials for each part of a tombstone as a whole have been cut. Open ended.

After stone processing and cutting, the stone is generally block-shaped and strip-shaped. It is necessary to use drilling machinery and other equipment to process arcs with different curvature radii, grooves on the surface of the tombstone, and the end faces of the tombstone. shape, so that the outline can be basically formed.