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Contents of traditional tombstone inscriptions

In our traditional era, we also have a lot of research on the content of traditional tombstone inscriptions. Below, our Quanyou stone processing factory will briefly introduce it for us:

There is also a lot of research on stone inscriptions. The size of the inscriptions on the stone tablets should also conform to the auspicious numbers on the Luban ruler. Usually the large characters are 10cm or 10.5cm, and the small characters are between 3cm or 4cm. 10cm Jinbao. 10.5cm Nafu. .4cm Dengke. The size of these words is in harmony with the proportion of the body of the monument, and it also means auspiciousness. The family members of the tomb owner can get comfort from it psychologically.

The stone used for the tombstone, the marble white marble in the past, can not withstand the wind and rain, and is easily weathered. Now it has been replaced by the granite series with exquisite raw materials, brightness and hardness. Among the granite with colorful and solid raw materials, it is more popular with customers. There are Indian red, pearl white, Shanxi black. Indian red, symbolizing noble, rich, fiery years, brilliant career; pearl white, symbolizing purity, elegance, brilliant life, endless grief; Shanxi black, symbol It focuses on solemn, dignified, immortal energy, and deep thoughts. The writing of stone tablets is also rich in content. Including Feng Shui status, place of origin, name, identity, date of birth and death, descendants, monument erector, burial or reburial date.

Regarding the feng shui status of traditional tombstones, the left side of the stone tablet is called the dragon edge, which is an important part of the tablet body. In ancient times, the mountain direction and the line degree of the mountain direction were written here, and the gold line was divided. For example, "Ligui Mountain Dingxiang and Meridian" 2 points are divided into gold with Bingzi." The purpose is to inform future generations, even if they encounter natural disasters, floods, or war damage, future generations can still find the original feng shui direction according to the feng shui status text on the monument, and start from scratch. monument.

Place of origin, in cemeteries with many immigrants, especially those who died in other places, the province, city, and county name of the Hakka must be engraved on the conspicuous parts of the left and right corners of the stele, and some only the name of the region and village. It is the nostalgia for the hometown, and it also provides convenience for future generations and relatives and friends to find the tomb.