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How to customize a set of Shanxi black tombstones?

In the eyes of some or most people, the location of the cemetery is very important. It is recommended that when choosing a tombstone manufacturer, you should still go through multiple investigations and considerations. Choosing a good manufacturer for customization will avoid many unnecessary troubles. In order to better ensure the feng shui effect, the size requirements of tombstones will be very strict. A custom-made set of Shanxi black tombstones must have drawings. If the customer cannot provide detailed drawings, they must also have clear requirements, and then they will be designed by professional tombstone manufacturers. , but this only refers to some simple tombstone models. The design drawings must indicate the size of each key accessory, so that the factory can cut stones of the corresponding size according to the drawings, process them into accessories of the corresponding size, and then accurately assemble them in Together.

If the accessories of a set of Shanxi black tombstones are not standardized, the entire set of tombstones will not be assembled. A set of well-designed drawings is an important reference specification for processing tombstones. It is also very important to calculate the price. The price of a set of tombstones is affected by the type of stone, the amount of stone used, and the complexity of the carving process, and the shapes of the accessories of the tombstone are different, so the bill of materials must be opened after the drawings are released, and then calculated. The cost of stone materials, processing and manufacturing costs and other manufacturing costs are used to determine the manufacturing cost of a set of tombstones, plus the reasonable profit of the factory is the sales price of a set of tombstones.

Our company has been supported by new and old customers for many years. We have continuously improved and improved ourselves. We have worked hand in hand with customers to develop together and create brilliant together. We continue to innovate the management model of the enterprise in production and operation. Management platform, in the future journey, we sincerely hope to go hand in hand with all new and old tenants, win-win cooperation, and create a beautiful new brochure together

Therefore, if it is a custom tombstone without drawings, there is no way to calculate the exact price, and it can only be roughly estimated. If there is anything you don’t understand, please call in time.