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Fields of application of Russian tombstones

  black tombstoneIt has a great competitive advantage in Russian shopping malls, which are characterized by high quality and low price. The price is generally about half cheaper than similar products in Europe. At present, the price of products in Russian building materials supermarkets is equivalent to the price of Chinese brands. According to the Russian building materials website, the price of tombstones is much cheaper than that of Italy, Greece and India. It only sells for about 150 US dollars per cubic meter in Russian shopping malls. The stone has many advantages:

1. Dense structure and high compressive strength;

2. Has good water resistance and wear resistance;

3. Natural lines, heavy texture, solemn and magnificent artistic effect.

4. The product is mainly used for interior decoration, such as walls, floors and kitchen and bath products; outdoor decoration, such as: parks, squares and other public places;

5. Small radiation;

6. This kind of rough stone can be processed into a variety of craft products, such as: fire, litchi surface, matt, high gloss, longan surface, hook, and personalized surface texture technology.

At the same time, Russian tombstones are also the first-class stone for making tombstones. The finish can be as high as 110 degrees. The color is black as ink and bright.

As we all know, the application fields of Russian tombstones are very extensive. Russia is a nation that worships heroes. The Moscow Nova Virgin Cemetery is buried with the elites and pride of the Russian nation. More than 26,000 celebrities of various periods have died here. Their names, Their tombstones are a page of history, and each of them narrates their different life stories to the world through their own unique tombstones.

There are politicians, military generals, heroes in battle, citizen artists, inventors from all walks of life, and masters of literature and art who have died in the New Sainte Virgin Cemetery. Under each tombstone, there is a touching story, and each tombstone is carefully designed Sculptures. Lost lives are endured here, and the cemetery becomes a sophisticated art museum.

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big cities, the use of black tombstones has reached a peak in recent years, which has increased annual consumption of tombstones by 20 to 30 percent. The current consumption market for tombstones in Russia is more promising than many in Europe.