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The shape of traditional tombstones is deeply influenced by traditional culture

Chinese history and culture are extensive and profound, spread through the ages, and have remained unchanged to this day. Although today is a stage of rapid economic development, the traditional history and culture have continued to spread to this day and have attracted people's attention, study and discussion. And the tombstone culture is also an important part of traditional funeral culture. One part, in this part, the shape of traditional tombstones has a historical representative, it is deeply influenced by traditional culture, just like the shape of the traditional tombstone below, the shape and carving content of each stone are deeply affected!

The appearance of traditional tombstones is more complicated, consisting of: the top of the tombstone, the main tombstone, the tombstone column, the cover, the guardrail, the base and other components; the stone material of the traditional tombstone in the picture above is British brown except for the base. All of them are made of the well-known Shanxi black stone material in my country. The combination of these two colors of stone can highlight the nobility of the identity of the deceased!

On the top of the traditional tombstone, a lotus flower is carved with relief technology, and the side of the lotus is carved with snail vortex and water drop-like black stone with relief polishing technology. The whole looks like a triangular lotus crown. The monument is equipped with a gorgeous, beautiful and tacky cap, which can highlight the superb artistic thinking and profound skills of the carver!

The two side pillars of the traditional tombstone are highly polished and have different carving styles. The line on the left pillar is carved with the shape of bamboo. Bamboo is one of the "Four Gentlemen". In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo means short-lived life. The deceased was a tough, dashing and upright person. The bamboo is hollow in substance, which means that the deceased was a humble person.

The pillar on the right side of the main stele is carved with a line of plum blossoms, one of the "Four Gentlemen". The plum blossoms look like brocade and lifelike. In traditional culture, plum blossoms are the physical meaning of the Chinese nation and the physical quality of self-improvement. On the tombstone The plum blossom pattern is carved to show that the deceased is a person with strong moral character and high style.

In this way, the carved patterns on the left and right sides contrast with the main monument, which highlights the nobleness and atmosphere of the main monument! It highlights the special significance of the entire traditional tombstone!

The two side guardrails of traditional art tombstones are carved with sand carving techniques to create a "reverse pattern" pattern, which is also an artistic pattern in traditional culture. It was widely used in the decoration of ancient buildings. Because of the "reverse pattern" "The meaning has the essence of the Chinese nation's excellent culture, which is endless, 99 is unified, and ends in perfection. It is now used to decorate the tombstone, making the guardrail atmospheric, beautiful, and visually appealing. And the pattern of the fringe pattern is also carved in the middle." The decoration of "Hot Wheels" means that the career of future generations is prosperous and prosperous!

A pair of drums are placed in front of the traditional tombstone. The outer surface of the drum is highly polished. The two sides are carved with the shape of "hot wheel" according to the sandblasting technique, so as to complement each other with the guardrail, expressing the luxury and grace of the tombstone. image!

The cover of the traditional tombstone is a piece of Shanxi black stone material. The carver uses the polishing technique to carve the cover into a layered sense, which is simple and atmospheric. The Indian red stone base of the traditional tombstone is carved out of a square pattern by sandblasting. , This modifies the base so that the base will not be too monotonous.

The structure and carving content of the whole set of traditional tombstones are made of rich traditional culture. A traditional tombstone with traditional cultural heritage can express the essence of traditional funeral culture, so as to express the life-long deeds and character of the deceased. He is modest and intelligent, and should be respected and cherished by the world. Therefore, the appearance of traditional tombstones is very elegant and meaningful!