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About the classification type of black granite


Basalt is black granite and is one of the important rock types. The color is mostly black or gray-black, fine-grained and dense block. Its compressive strength is about 3500-5000kg\/cm2, with strong acid resistance, wear resistance, compression resistance, insulation Performance. Basalt is widely distributed in my country, and it is produced in almost every geological period. For example, Fuding Black. Other types such as Mongolia Black, etc. In addition, the basalt stone mining industry in Yunnan and Heilongjiang is also under development.


Gabbro is also an important rock type of black granite. The color is mostly black and pure. Partial black background is decorated with white dots. The stone types are forest green (Hebei, Henan). The rock species are mainly gabbro and diabase. However, from the perspective of commercial properties, they are all named after granite. Basalt is extrusive rock with darker color. The mineral particles contained are average and small, and it is difficult to distinguish the type with the ordinary naked eye, even with a magnifying glass. Basalt is a widely distributed igneous rock. Most of the basalt is formed when the volcano erupts, the magma encounters cold air after it erupts, and it solidifies rapidly with the lava activity. Some basalts are intrusive rocks, and the magma did not erupt when the volcano erupted. The surface of the earth is formed by cooling and solidification in the interior of the earth.


Dolerite, shallow facies rock, is also an important rock type of black granite in China. The brand of black granite is Taibaiqing. Taibaiqing is also called Shanxi black, in Japan it is called night rose, it can be compared with South Africa black and Indian black, and even excellent For them. According to research, the main rock type of Shanxi black is diabase, the so-called Shanxi black A. In China, the better quality black granite is Shanxi black A grade, and the price is higher than any black granite produced in India. Shanxi black A contains the following practical mineral components: about 50% plagioclase, with polyphyllite twins developed; common-volatile pyroxene about 35%; a small amount of medium feldspar, about 5%; a small amount of minerals are Amphibole, biotite, titanomagnetite, etc. According to the structure, it can be subdivided into three brands: large flower, medium flower and fine flower, and medium fine flower is the best. Similar species, there are Fengzhen Heihe Hebei Pingshan Evergreen, etc. Some Shanxi black plates have some golden dots on the polished surface. Many manufacturers do not like them, so the price of this quality plate will be relatively low. If you like this black stone with gold dots, and If the price is reasonable, the inspection quality is acceptable, and it is not dyed, then you will get a good deal. When you sell a Shanxi black grade B, you have to be very careful. It is not available for export because the gloss is not good after the surface is polished. Well, it is not widely used abroad.