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Introduction and advantages of Chinese black tombstones

Chinese black tombstone refers to the tombstone made of Chinese black tombstone. The Chinese black tombstone is a kind of black granite produced in the Taihang Mountains. The material before polishing is dark blue. When the surface is polished to more than 2000 meshes, a mirror surface and black light will appear. Out of the shadows, even if you use an ordinary knife to scratch the surface, you can't scratch the surface. The hardness of the physical test can reach 7 Mohs hardness.

The following Chinese black tombstone manufacturers share the advantages of Chinese black tombstones, and the details are as follows:

1. Dense structure and high compressive strength;

2. Has good water resistance and wear resistance;

3. Natural texture, heavy texture, solemn and magnificent artistic effect.

4. This product is mainly used for interior decoration, such as walls, floors and kitchen and bathroom supplies; outdoor decoration, such as: parks, squares and other public places;

5. The radiation is small, belonging to the class A stone material;

6. Chinese black tombstones can be processed into a variety of craft waste, such as: fire, lychee surface, matt, high gloss, longan surface, hook, and personalized appearance texture technology.