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What are the carving patterns of tombstones?

Now the tombstone styles are all fixed, there are traditional styles, and there are small artistic tombstone styles, all of which are determined according to the preferences of the deceased. In fact, there is not much difference in the shape of the tombstone, and there will be more choices of tombstone carving patterns. The door, since it is a product of the deceased, needs a relatively depressing atmosphere, low and even accompanied by sadness, so ordinary tombstones will be carved with some auspicious but not exaggerated patterns to disperse this depressing atmosphere. Embellishment, highlighting more hope and vitality on the tombstone, can make people feel that death is not the end, but just the beautiful beginning of the next life, so what are the tombstone carving patterns?

Tombstones commemorate the deceased, and the engraved patterns either show the deceased's personal preference, or entrust the thoughts and blessings of the deceased. We engrave different patterns on the tombstones according to our needs. Common tombstone patterns include plum orchid bamboo Chrysanthemum, flowers, birds, fish and insects, lotus leaf lotus, etc. Chrysanthemum: Picking chrysanthemums under the east fence, you can see Nanshan leisurely, chrysanthemums represent beautiful scenery, because there are many kinds of chrysanthemums, so there are many symbolic meanings, the flying yellow chrysanthemums represent prosperity, white chrysanthemums Expressing yearning, the unopened chrysanthemum represents loneliness and low-keyness. Lily is a kind of flower with a graceful posture, each stem is a flower, shaped like a trumpet, accompanied by a faint fragrance. Lily is regarded as a symbol of "prosperity and wealth" in various countries. The golden lilies also signify wealth and nobility. Four seasons of "Peaceful" roses, "Jade Tang Fugui" magnolias and begonias, "chrysanthemums and autumn chrysanthemums, each has its own merits". Birds and magpies are the harbingers of good things to come, so carving On the tombstone, people feel that good things are coming. Cranes, cranes are called longevity birds because of their longevity, cranes in the year of the tortoise, and wild cranes in idle clouds, which are the meanings represented by cranes, meaning longevity and freedom. There are peony and noble lotus representing "bloom and wealth". These are patterns that often appear on modern tombstones, and they are also important carriers to demonstrate the cultural diversity and plasticity of tombstones.

The patterns on the parts of the tombstone itself are simple or complex, and the meanings or effects of different patterns are different. Although it is only a symbol, like most other supporting parts of the tombstone, it carries and expresses a piece of mourning. And reluctance, so we also treat the pattern design of each tombstone with the same heart.