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Zhangqiu black plate production skills

Explain the skills of repairing the production process of Zhangqiu black plate. Zhangqiu black plate has product quality problems, which can be repaired. The repaired stone has a good display condition. Zhangqiu black plate is generally in the production site. The stone system, specifications, appearance, etc. of the forest green sandstone that can be provided

First, remove the original fillers in the gaps of Zhangqiu black slabs, and then use a special stone slitting machine to clean up the separation lines of the original stone installation again. Fill it with marble glue close to the color of the stone.

Use marble glue that is close to the color of Zhangqiu black plate and adjust the color of the marble glue, so that it is sufficiently close to the color of the original stone to improve the texture and rationalize the visual impact.

Fill the adjusted marble glue, because the marble glue will shrink to a certain level after it is completely solidified, so the marble glue should be slightly over the stone plan, so it is not easy to fill it multiple times.

Use grinding and polishing sheets and grinding and polishing fillers to make it a plan with the Zhangqiu black plate, improve the texture of the stone, and solve the difficulty of the gap between the gaps and prevent the gap from returning to black again. Use the marble refurbished mobile phone to cooperate with the special cut for grinding The chip is carefully polished and polished to make it and the stone become a flat design as a whole.

Grinding, grinding and polishing: Use a special marble grinding and polishing machine to grind the stone from the 50-3000 Zhangqiu black plate terrazzo floor from coarse to fine, resulting in a bright and smooth floor like a new mouth.

Crystal treatment: use Zhangqiu black plate crystal powder and crystal medicine to cooperate with crystal orientation electric grinder for grinding and polishing. Under the working pressure of grinding and polishing, the stone and crystal powder will form a comprehensive manifestation of physics and analytical chemistry at temperature, resulting in a layer of density. It is a solid, hard crystal protective layer. After the crystal, it can provide color and smoothness, as well as anti-skid treatment on the ground, waterproof, oil-resistant, etc.

If the structure of Zhangqiu black board is not dense, you can choose water-soluble, which is relatively cheap. The stone installed on the wall only needs to choose a waterproof preventive agent, and the surface of the stone paved on the kitchen restaurant floor should be made of stain-resistant stone as much as possible. Protective film, the choice of wet-pasted stone installed on the ground, the choice of Zhangqiu black plate protective film is really important