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Tombstone customization can be processed in several ways

In the traditional culture of our country, a monument is erected after death, and the name of the deceased must be engraved on it. Tombstones are generally made of stone materials, but also made of wood, metal materials and other materials. Tombstones were popular in the Han Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty will become a fixed situation in the future. The mainstream tombstone customization can be basically divided into three forms, namely: traditional tombstones, artistic tombstones and European-style tombstones. The following introduces several processing methods for tombstone customization:

Tombstone customization can be processed in several ways

One, traditional tombstones

Traditional tombstones are tombstones that incorporate traditional elements, such as proportional eaves, couplets, plum orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, dragon columns, stone lions, pine cranes, etc. These are all used in traditional tombstones, and the tomb culture formed is also Chinese. 5,000 years of history.

2, art tombstone

Art tombstone style, art tombstone is characterized by a small footprint, which is exactly in line with the cemetery's requirements for tombstones, which is also a major factor in the customization of art tombstones. Art tombstones are made according to the preferences of the deceased. The color of the stone used is rich and varied, which gives people a different feeling, and makes people feel the breath of the deceased from the tombstone. There is no big definition for the shape of the artistic tombstone, and the design space is relatively large. In terms of shape, there are heart-shaped art tombstones, circular art tombstones, semi-circular art tombstones, etc. The colors of the tombstones are black, red, brown, green, white, etc., which are in line with the deceased's temperament.

3, European tombstone

European-style tombstones, whose style tends to be artistic, simple and generous, include Italian-style tombstones, simple European-style tombstones, American-style tombstones, British-style tombstones, German-style tombstones, French-style tombstones, etc. The color of the stone is mainly black, red, and white. Solid color stone is more popular.

At present, there are many custom tombstones in China, and different types of tombstones are designed according to the market demand, which is convenient to meet different needs.