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Technical requirements for black sandblasting in Zhangqiu

Zhangqiu black stone is a stone widely used in floors, roads, walls, flower beds and other places. It has the advantages of good quality and high cost performance.

Zhangqiu black stone can be water-resistant and wear-resistant, enduring for thousands of years, and has a wide range of applications, whether it is indoor or outdoor floors or window sills. But we can see that there are Some Zhangqiu black stones begin to turn white after a period of use, which affects the effect of use. So how can we prevent this?

1. Do a good job of protection. Zhangqiu black stone is easily polluted by dust, pigments and other substances, so it should be well protected.

2. Grinding optimization should be done well. The grinding optimization stage of Zhangqiu black stone should be continuously cross-grinded for more than 3 times. The more times, the more uniform, and the clearer the background color of Zhangqiu black stone will be.

3. Prevent scratches, and prevent the sand or hard objects from external causes from scratching the ground during construction. Clean up the mud on the site and the mud of the machine itself in time to prevent the debris from scratching the ground and keep the ground highly clean. Prevent grinding discs There are coarse-grained scratches. Solution: When grinding, if there are protruding particles on the grinding disc, use a needle or a blade to remove it.

Zhangqiu black sandblasting can carry out both small-scale production and processing, and large-scale production and processing. When large-scale production and processing are carried out, the equipment used is the same as the cutting axe machine, or it can be upgraded on the cutting axe machine. The sandblasting head can be completed. The wear-resistant material bucket is used on the moving load-bearing beam. The wear-resistant material bucket is connected with the spray paint. The spray paint pushes the cement mortar to impact the surface of Zhangqiu black stone according to air compression. The equipment is similar to the high pressure of wear-resistant materials. Water jet, but the material used is vapor. Zhangqiu black sandblasting is not only used to solve the surface of Zhangqiu black stone on a large scale, but also used to carry out printing and production and processing certain decorative patterns, especially for tombs The printing on the surface of the brand. The processing technology of Zhangqiu black stone is different. His processing technology will affect the price of the stone. Some stone itself will have some defects. After a little processing, it can be sold. The price of the kind is definitely much cheaper than the natural one, and the price of the stone depends on the texture and structure of the stone.